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Pigment dispersion
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1. A fluid colorant for tinting an unpigmented or pigmented coating composition, the colorant containing less than a continuous film-forming amount of a film-forming polymeric binder, and the colorant comprising: (i) solid pigment particles dispersed in (ii) a nonvolatilizing, reactive liquid diluent having a viscosity less than 1,000 cps and containing at least one molecular species having at least three reactive unsaturated sites and having a molar equivalent weight per reactive unsaturated site that is less than 500 grams (g), wherein the at least one molecular species having at least three reactive unsaturated sites comprises at least 60% by weight of the reactive liquid diluent, and (iii) water, and wherein when the reactive liquid diluent does not by itself stably disperse the pigment particles then the colorant also contains (iv) one or more pigment wetting or dispersing agents.