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Trialkoxy functional branched siloxane compositions
Dorab Bhagwagar, Auburn, MI (US); Peng Wei, Shanghai (CN); Qianqing Ge, Shanghai (CN); Yan Zheng, Shanghai (CN); and Zhanjie Li, Auburn, MI (US)
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1. A composition comprising an organopolysiloxane having the average chemical structure (I):
[R′R2SiO—(R2SiO)m]3—Si—[OSiR2]n—Y—Si(OR)3  (I)
R is independently in each occurrence selected from alkyl, aryl, substituted alkyl and substituted alkyl groups having from one to 8 carbon atoms;
R′ is independently in each occurrence selected from R and terminally unsaturated alkylene groups having from 2 to 6 carbon atoms;
Y is selected from a group consisting of: X and X—(R2SiO)pSiR2—X;
wherein p has an average value in a range of one to 3; and X is independently in each occurrence selected from alkylene and substituted alkylene groups having from one to 6 carbon atoms; and
the average values for subscripts m and n are each greater than zero and independently selected so that the average value for the sum of all of the average m values and the average n values is in a range of 30-200.