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Method for separating collagen from liposuction effluent using supercritical process
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1. A method for extracting Type I collagen in a polymer state from a liposuction effluent using supercritical fluid extraction comprising,
(a) introducing a liposuction effluent into a supercritical extraction device and supplying CO2, which is an extraction solvent, to an extraction reactor, and further adding ethanol as a co-solvent in an amount of 50 to 200% (w/w) with respect to the liposuction effluent;
(b) maintaining the pressure of the CO2 supplied to the extraction reactor at 200 to 300 bar and the temperature at 30 to 35° C. to extract lipids through an outlet provided with a cooler and remove the extracted lipids; and
(c) adjusting the pressure to atmospheric pressure and separating the reactor to obtain the Type I collagen in the polymer state,
wherein the molecular weight of the Type I collagen in the polymer state is 140 kDa or greater and 300 kDa or less.