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Prodrug-type anticancer agent using cancer-specific enzymatic activity
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1. A compound represented by general formula (I) or a salt thereof,

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
X is selected from the group consisting of a fluorine atom, ester group (—OC(═O)—R′), and carbamate group (—OCONH—R′),
where R′ is selected from unsubstituted alkyl groups or substituted or unsubstituted aryl groups;
Y is —NH—CO-L, —NH-L′, or —OL′,
where L, together with the C═O to which L bonds, constitutes an amino acid residue or a peptide,
L′ is a saccharide or a partial structure of a saccharide, or a saccharide or partial structure of a saccharide having a self-cleaving linker, an amino acid or a peptide having a self-cleaving linker, wherein the partial structure of the saccharide is a saccharide in which a hydroxyl group is lacking, and wherein —Y bonds to —C(R1)(R2)X on the ortho position or para position of the benzene ring;
R1 and R2 are each a hydrogen atom;
R3 represents a hydrogen atom or one to four monovalent substituents present on a benzene ring, which are the same or different,
wherein the monovalent substituent of R3 is an alkyl group, OR″, OCOR″, or a halogen atom, wherein R″ is a substituted or unsubstituted alkyl group or a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group.