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Etoricoxib solvates and preparation method thereof
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1. Etoricoxib solvate comprising dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvate of etoricoxib, wherein 1 mol of the DMSO solvate of etoricoxib comprises 1 mol of DMSO, and the DMSO solvate of etoricoxib belongs to triclinic crystal system, P-1 space group with unit cell parameters of a=8.3464(17) Å, b=8.8665(18) Å, c=15.210(3) Å, α=99.04°, β=100.16°, and γ=108.93°; in a PXRD pattern of the solvate, characteristic diffraction peaks appear at diffraction angles 2θ(°)=10.87±0.1, 12.14±0.1, 12.66±0.1, 14.58±0.1, 17.34±0.1, 17.80±0.1, 18.08±0.1, 19.08±0.1, 21.13±0.1, 22.00±0.1, 22.28±0.1, 23.44±0.1, 24.24±0.1, 25.00±0.1, 25.46±0.1, 26.14±0.1, 29.42±0.1, and 30.38±0.1; and according to a TG pattern of the solvate, desolvation starts at 66±1° C., with a weight loss of 18.4%.