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Granules of polyhalite and urea
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1. A fertilizer granule comprising Urea, Polyhalite and Ammonium Sulphate contained in a core of said granule.
9. A process for the production of a fertilizer comprising:
mixing a feed of Polyhalite with a feed of urea, magnesite, clay and sulfuric acid to yield a mixture;
adding Ammonia to the mixture which causes a chemical reaction between the Ammonia and the sulphuric acid to yield an exothermic reaction causing melting of the urea, thereby providing a mixture with melted urea;
granulating the mixture with the melted urea in a drum granulator to yield particle masses; and
screening said particle masses in a screener to yield different fractions in three different sizes: Oversized particles (above 4.75 mm) which undergo a crushing process and are returned to the granulator as recycle, desired size granular particles (from 2 to 4.75 mm), and fine particles (below 2 mm) which are transferred back to the mixture.