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Apparatus and method for electrochemical treatment of wastewater
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1. A process for treating wastewater comprising at least one of blackwater and graywater, the process comprising:
removing suspended solids in said wastewater using metal ions liberated by at least one metal anode electrode in an electro-coagulation unit and hydrogen gas bubbles by at least one cathode to coagulate contaminants and cause them to float and to form a froth, wherein most of total suspended solids and dissolved solids in said wastewater are removed as a froth in said electro-coagulation unit;
electro-oxidizing organic contaminants including any suspended solids and dissolved solids remaining in said wastewater discharged from said electro-coagulation unit using hydroxyl radicals generated at the surface of at least one boron doped diamond coated anode of an electro-oxidation unit, thereby converting said contaminants to a gas comprising hydrogen and carbon dioxide, without removal of any total suspended solids through floatation in said electro-oxidation unit, and discharging wastewater from said electro-oxidation unit into an oxidant removal unit; and
decomposing residual oxidants remaining in said wastewater using iron ions liberated by at least one iron electrode of said oxidant removal unit, thereby producing iron oxide particles that can be separated from said wastewater to generate effluent wastewater, wherein all treatment agents acting on said contaminants are generated in-situ, in said wastewater,
wherein said effluent wastewater is discharged to the environment directly from the oxidant removal unit.