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1. A removal system (1) for a container designed for receiving a fluid, with an extraction head (4) and a dip tube (5) that can be fastened thereto, wherein by means of the extraction head (4) fluid can be removed through the dip tube (5) from the container (3) or fluid can be fed into the container (3), characterized in that the extraction head (4) can be fastened to the dip tube (5) by a displacement movement, and/or that a target position of the dip tube (5) at the extraction head (4) is monitored by an optical sensor (12), wherein,
due to the displacement movement of the extraction head (4) relative to the displacement tube (5), a positioning element is moved, wherein the position of the positioning element is monitored by the optical sensor (12), and wherein the optical sensor (12) generates a binary switching signal, the switching states of which indicate whether the positioning element is located in the detection range of the optical sensor (12) or not.