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Sheet conveyance apparatus, image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
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1. A sheet conveyance apparatus comprising:
a cover unit comprising a first guide;
a base unit configured to support the cover unit in an openable and closable manner, and comprising a second guide, the first guide and the second guide forming a conveyance path in a state where the cover unit is closed with respect to the base unit;
a feeding unit configured to be detachable from the cover unit, and comprising a pickup member configured to feed a sheet, a feed member configured to convey the sheet fed by the pickup member along the conveyance path, a rotation shaft configured to rotatably support the feed member, and a swing arm supported swingably around the rotation shaft and configured to support the pickup member; and
a pivotable cover supported by the cover unit so as to be pivotable between a closed position where the pivotable cover covers at least a portion of the feeding unit and an open position where the portion of the feeding unit is exposed,
wherein the pivotable cover moves from the closed position to the open position by being pressed by the feeding unit while the feeding unit is detached from the cover unit.