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Resealable package with improved contents accessibility
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1. A food package comprising:
a tray having a floor, sidewalls and one or more interior walls forming at least two rows and discrete food articles disposed in the tray;
a film wrapped around the tray, the film forming a top, sides, and a bottom of the food package;
an access opening disposed in at least the top of the food package, the access opening defined by a cut in the film;
a sealing layer adhesively sealed to the film around the access opening; and
the sealing layer including a starter portion graspable by a consumer thereby permitting the sealing layer to be released from the top to expose the access opening;
the access opening having a front portion cut into the film adjacent the starter portion of the sealing layer and a pair of opposing side portions cut into the film; and
wherein the tray is configured to permit the discrete food articles to move longitudinally and laterally therein with the interior wall having a first height and a second height and the second height being more than 50% smaller than the first height and wherein the tray further comprises multiple tray openings through the floor and the tray openings are disposed adjacent the one or more interior walls of the tray.