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Electric aircraft propulsion system
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1. A propulsion system for an aircraft, the system comprising:
a nacelle defining a primary air flow path from an inlet end of the nacelle to an outlet end of the nacelle;
a first electric machine comprising:
a first stator positioned in the nacelle and comprising a first one or more stator windings; and
a first rotor and fan assembly positioned in the primary flow path, the first rotor and fan assembly comprising:
a first fan shroud having a first outer surface, wherein the first fan shroud comprises a one-piece cylindrical fan shroud having a substantially constant radial thickness;
a first plurality of rotor magnets positioned directly on the first outer surface of the first fan shroud and concentric with the first one or more stator windings;
a first fan hub positioned concentrically interior of the first fan shroud, the first fan hub being coupled to a central support shaft; and
a first plurality of fan blades extending between the first fan shroud and the first fan hub.