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Rotating release launching system
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1. A configurable payload deployment system, the system comprising:
a launcher;
a rotating door operative to rotate between a first arrangement and a second arrangement, the rotating door configured to:
when in the first arrangement, enclose an area of the launcher configured to receive a configurable payload, and
when in the second arrangement, expose the area of the launcher for deployment of the configurable payload; and
a mechanism attached to the rotating door, the mechanism configured to:
arrange the configurable payload within the launcher, and
provide release dynamics for deployment of the configurable payload within the launcher, wherein providing the release dynamics comprises applying a force to the configurable payload to increase displacement between the configurable payload and the launcher over a set time period following deployment of the configurable payload,
wherein rotation of the rotating door between the first arrangement and the second arrangement provides angular momentum to the mechanism, and wherein the mechanism provides the angular momentum to the configurable payload.