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Rear wheel braking device for motorcycle
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1. A rear wheel braking device for a motorcycle transmitting a drive force of a power unit of the motorcycle to a rear wheel through a drive shaft that extends in a vehicle longitudinal direction,
wherein the drive shaft includes a propeller shaft connected to a rear end of an output shaft through a universal joint, the output shaft protruding to a vehicle body rear side from a case member of the power unit, and
wherein a brake disk is attached to the output shaft, the brake disk being braked by a brake caliper,
wherein the power unit is suspended by a body frame configured to include a pair of left and right main frames, the left and right main frames extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction on an upper side of the power unit,
wherein a pivot frame is connected to a rear side of the left and right main frames, a pivot being arranged in the pivot frame, the pivot pivotally supporting a swing arm in a swingable manner, the swing arm supporting the rear wheel, and
wherein the brake caliper is disposed on a vehicle body upper side of the brake disk and in a space surrounded by the case member, the left and right main frames, and the pivot frame.