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Electric bicycle
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1. A bicycle comprising:
a frame including:
a head tube;
a stem pivotally coupled to the head tube;
a down tube having a first end coupled to the head tube and an opposing second end, the down tube extending rearward from the head tube at a downward angle;
a central portion positioned at the opposing second end of the down tube and extending substantially horizontally therefrom, the central portion defining a cavity and including a mount; and
chain stays extending rearward from the central portion, the chain stays defining recesses at rear ends thereof;
wherein an upper surface of the central portion and the down tube defines an opening that provides access to the cavity;
a motor coupled to the mount;
a battery releasably received within at least a portion of the frame, the battery configured to power the motor;
a crank set coupled to the motor, the crank set including crank arms;
a cover extending over the opening to enclose the cavity; and
a lighting system connected to the battery with wires extending internally through the frame, the lighting system including:
a conspicuity lamp integrated into the head tube;
a headlight coupled to the stem such that a direction of illumination of the headlight is variable relative to the head tube and the conspicuity lamp; and
taillights disposed within the recesses of the chain stays, wherein the taillights are positioned along a rear surface and a side surface of the chain stays.