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Load leveling hanger
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1. A load-leveling bicycle hanging and lifting system comprising:
an overhead mounting system for mounting inside a structure;
a line having a first end and a second end, wherein the line is attached at the first end to the overhead mounting system;
a lifting device attached to the overhead mounting system and comprising:
a drum for winding and unwinding the line, wherein the line is attached at the second end to the drum;
a motor coupled to the drum to apply a torque thereto;
a guide to direct the line onto the drum; and
a controller;
a carriage with a first pulley and a second pulley, wherein the line passes downward from the drum, around the first pulley, around the second pulley and upward to the overhead mounting system;
a hanging beam suspended from the carriage and configured for attaching at least two bicycles positioned substantially perpendicular thereto;
a threaded mechanism mounted between the carriage and the hanging beam, wherein the threaded mechanism comprises a screw and a nut;
wherein, when the at least two bicycles are attached to the hanging beam in an arrangement that causes the hanging beam to tilt, relative rotation between the screw and the nut is adapted to cause movement of the hanging beam relative to the carriage to thereby achieve a level condition of the hanging beam, thereby enabling the hanging beam to lift and store the at least two bicycles in the level condition;
wherein the first end of the line and the lifting device are adapted to removably attach at multiple points along the overhead mounting system.