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Vehicle body structure for reinforcing pop-up seat mounting part
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1. A vehicle body structure for reinforcing a pop-up seat mounting part, the vehicle body structure comprising:
a pair of rear side members engaged with a floor panel of a vehicle body, the pair of rear side members being spaced apart from each other by a spacing distance;
a transverse member having a length corresponding to the spacing distance between the pair of rear side members, the transverse member being connected at opposite ends thereof to ends of upper surfaces of the pair of rear side members;
a back panel in contact with one surface of the transverse member, wherein the back panel comprises an upper back panel and a lower back panel arranged in a height direction and wherein the upper back panel is engaged with the transverse member so as to form a closed cross-section; and
a middle stiffener disposed in a middle of the back panel wherein the middle stiffener is located inside the closed cross-section formed by the transverse member and the upper back panel.