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Steering device
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1. A steering device comprising:
a column housing encapsulating a steering shaft related to steering of a vehicle, being supported by a pivotal support portion of the vehicle, and enabling a posture change;
a bracket being located adjacent to the column housing at a position different from that of the pivotal support portion on a side of the vehicle; and
a tensioner mechanism that is provided between the column housing and the bracket, and produces press force against the column housing and the bracket, wherein
the tensioner mechanism includes
a casing being provided in the column housing or the bracket,
a tensioner main body being provided in the casing, and being movable in a direction intersecting a facing direction of the column housing and the bracket, and
a biasing member biasing the tensioner main body in the intersecting direction,
the tensioner main body has a wedge shape including a first surface facing toward the column housing, and a second surface facing toward the bracket, and the first surface and the second surface are configured to be in a tapered shape in which a space therebetween is narrower as being positioned closer to a lower side of a biasing direction by the biasing member, and
the casing includes an intermediate member that is pressed in the opposite direction by abutment with the first surface or the second surface, and abuts on the bracket or the column housing on a side where the casing is not provided.