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Steering device of vehicle
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1. A steering device of a vehicle, comprising:
a steering wheel with a rim portion connected to a spoke portion extending from a hub portion; and
a capacitance type of contact sensor that detects a grip of the steering wheel by a driver on the basis of a change in capacitance,
wherein the contact sensor includes
a detection electrode which is installed in the rim portion to sense a change in capacitance of the rim portion, and
a conductive member which is disposed in a region of the spoke portion on a side facing the driver and one end portion of which is in contact with the detection electrode of the rim portion,
wherein a sensor control unit for the contact sensor is disposed in the spoke portion,
wherein the one end portion of the conductive member disposed in the spoke portion is disposed to overlap the detection electrode in a contact state,
wherein a separation portion that is opened toward the hub portion is provided in the contact portion of the detection electrode with the conductive member, and
wherein a wiring that connects the sensor control unit and the detection electrode is disposed in the separation portion over a lower portion of the contact portion of the conductive member.