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Control of autonomous vehicle based on determined yaw parameter(s) of additional vehicle
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1. A method comprising:
receiving, from a phase coherent Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) component of a vehicle, a group of LIDAR data points of a sensing cycle of the phase coherent LIDAR component,
each of the LIDAR data points of the group indicating a corresponding instantaneous range and a corresponding instantaneous velocity for a corresponding point in an environment of the vehicle, and each of the LIDAR data points of the group being generated based on a corresponding sensing event of the phase coherent LIDAR component during the sensing cycle;
determining that a subgroup, of the LIDAR data points of the group, corresponds to a dynamic object in the environment;
based on determining that the subgroup corresponds to the dynamic object:
determining an instantaneous yaw parameter of the dynamic object based on a plurality of the corresponding instantaneous velocities of the LIDAR data points of the subgroup; and
adapting autonomous control of the vehicle based on the determined instantaneous yaw parameter of the dynamic object.