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Vehicle control device
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1. A vehicle control device configured to cause a user's own vehicle to be automatically parked inside a parking space, based on outputs of external environment sensors provided in the user's own vehicle,
the vehicle control device comprising one or more processors that execute computer-executable instructions stored in a memory,
wherein the one or more processors execute the computer-executable instructions to cause the vehicle control device to:
select the parking space;
generate a movement path for parking from a starting position of parking to a position inside the selected parking space; and
control a propulsion device and a steering motor along the generated movement path, and
wherein the steering motor generates a driving force based on a steering instruction from the vehicle control device and applies a steering axial force to a rack shaft to thereby cause vehicle wheels to be steered, and
the one or more processors cause the vehicle control device to generate the movement path to cause the user's own vehicle to initiate and continue traveling by the steering motor with a steering axial force less than a full steering axial force from the starting position of parking during vehicle stoppage at which a vehicle speed is zero until the vehicle speed becomes in excess of a threshold vehicle speed.