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Apparatus for recognizing parking area for autonomous parking and method thereof
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1. A vehicle parking assistance device, comprising:
an image sensing device;
an artificial intelligence learning device; and
a controller connected with the image sensing device and the artificial intelligence learning device,
wherein the controller is configured to:
obtain an image using the image sensing device;
detect at least one parking line pair in the obtained image;
detect a parking slot based on deep learning;
detect a parking area based on the detected parking slot and the at least one detected parking line pair that correspond to first and second boundaries of the detected parking slot;
detect an entrance point for the parking area; and
generate parking information for autonomous parking of a vehicle based on the parking area and the entrance point,
wherein the image sensing device takes an image at periodic time intervals, and wherein the detect an entrance point for the parking area is determined when an amount of change in pixel value of the image obtained using the image sensing device at a first point in time of the periodic time intervals as compared to the image obtained using the image sensing device at a second point in time directly subsequent to the first point of time, is greater than a predetermined threshold.