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Control method for hybrid vehicle and control device for hybrid vehicle
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1. A hybrid vehicle control method for controlling a hybrid vehicle provided with a drive system including an internal combustion engine, a generator configured to be driven by the internal combustion engine, and a battery configured to be charged by power generated by the generator, the method comprising:
setting a target generated power of the generator;
calculating a target engine output of the internal combustion engine in accordance with the target generated power;
detecting an air density in an environment in which the vehicle travels;
detecting a state of charge of the battery;
executing a correction to correct the target engine output based on the air density that was detected such that the power generated by the generator follows the target generated power even under a condition of low air density; and
permitting or stopping execution of the correction in accordance with an operating state of the drive system and the state of charge of the battery such that the correction is executed upon determining the state of charge of the battery is lower than a threshold value and the correction is stopped upon determining the state of charge of the battery is higher than the threshold value and the operating state satisfies a prescribed condition,
the prescribed condition being satisfied when the air density has any value smaller than a prescribed density, the prescribed density being smaller than a reference density.