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Coasting regeneration control method and device of vehicle with continuously variable valve duration engine
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1. A coasting regeneration control method of a vehicle equipped with a continuously variable valve duration (CVVD) engine, in which an engine control unit (ECU) controls regenerative braking in the vehicle, the method comprising the steps of:
determining, by the ECU, whether a current state of the vehicle satisfies coasting regeneration conditions;
entering, by the ECU, a coasting regeneration mode and performing regenerative braking when the current state of the vehicle satisfies the coasting regeneration conditions;
continuously monitoring whether the coasting regeneration conditions are satisfied when the vehicle is driven in a coasting regeneration mode; and
ending the coasting regeneration mode when an over-run state that is one of the coasting regeneration conditions is removed based on the monitoring,
wherein when the current state of the vehicle is an over-run state, it is determined that the coasting regeneration conditions are satisfied,
wherein when entering the coasting regeneration mode, a valve overlap in which both of an exhaust valve and an intake valve are open is controlled to be maximized within a controllable range, a closing time of the intake valve is delayed after a start point of time of a compression stroke, thereby decreasing pumping loss and increasing power generation torque of the BDM, and
wherein when the coasting regeneration mode is entered, a throttle valve is fully opened so that an amount of intake air of the engine is maximized and a CVVD target duration is controlled to be maximized, such that power generation torque of a belt driven motor (BDM) is controlled to be increased.