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Park release apparatus and method of use
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1. A park release apparatus for shifting a transmission of a vehicle having an engine from park to neutral with the engine not running via a park release lever of the transmission, the apparatus comprising:
a transmission assembly having a transmission assembly body for selective operable installation on the transmission spaced from the park release lever, wherein a selectively movable actuator is operably installed in the transmission assembly body;
a handle assembly having a handle assembly body comprising a pivotable or rotatable handle;
a cable assembly having a cable slidably installed within a sheath and a first connector coupling the sheath to the transmission assembly and an opposite second connector coupling the sheath to the handle assembly, the cable operably interfacing with the transmission assembly adjacent a cable first end and operably interfacing with the handle assembly adjacent a cable second end, wherein the cable first end is engaged with the actuator; and
a release bracket having a release bracket body configured for being selectively coupled to the cable first end by selectively engaging the actuator and further configured for selectively engaging the park release lever, whereby in use with the transmission assembly installed on the transmission and the release bracket engaged with the park release lever selective actuation of the handle of the handle assembly shifts the cable second end and thereby increases tension on the cable and shifts the cable first end and thus the actuator and the coupled release bracket so as to in turn shift the transmission park release lever via the coupled release bracket and take the transmission of the vehicle out of park and into neutral.