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Nozzle assembly for cleaning a vehicle surface
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1. A nozzle assembly for a vehicle washing system comprising:
a unitary nozzle body comprising a one-piece molded article including a central body, a plurality of inlet ports integrally formed with the central body, a plurality of outlet ports integrally formed with the central body, and a plurality of flow channels extending through the central body that are fluidly isolated from each other, the plurality of flow channels each comprising one of the plurality of inlet ports and at least one of the plurality of outlet ports;
a plurality of spray nozzles, each of the plurality of spray nozzles attachable to one of the outlet ports via a snap-fit connection;
the plurality of spray nozzles including a first spray nozzle comprising:
a nozzle housing having a stem received within a first outlet port of the plurality of outlet ports and a head projecting outwardly from the nozzle body, the head comprising a nozzle outlet through which cleaning media is sprayed; and
a flow passage extending through the stem and the head of the nozzle housing;
wherein the snap-fit connection between the first spray nozzle and the first outlet port comprises:
a snap-lock receiver integrally formed on one of the first outlet port and the stem; and
a snap-lock element integrally formed on the other one of the first outlet port and the stem, the snap-lock element engageable with the snap-lock receiver to retain the first spray nozzle in a mounted position on the nozzle body;
wherein the head comprises a flange seated against a rim of the first outlet port, with a proximal surface of the flange in flush engagement with the rim;
wherein the first spray nozzle comprises:
an accommodation space in the head; and
a jet insert having a spherical body inserted into the accommodation space, the spherical body including a bore extending therethrough, with the nozzle outlet at an outward end of the bore and an entry opening at an inward end of the bore, the entry opening open to the flow passage.