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Heating device
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1. A heating device comprising:
a housing configured to retain a camera lens;
a primary induction coil positioned proximate the housing and configured to generate a magnetic field in response to receiving electrical power from a power supply, the primary induction coil surrounding an optical axis of the camera lens;
a controller circuit in electrical contact with the primary induction coil configured to control the electrical power delivered to the primary induction coil; and
a secondary induction coil overlaying the primary induction coil and configured to receive the magnetic field from the primary induction coil and generate heat;
wherein the secondary induction coil is disposed within a windshield of a vehicle or on an inner surface of the windshield and defines a viewing window through which the camera lens views a surrounding area;
wherein the secondary induction coil directly heats the viewing window of the windshield when the primary induction coil receives the electrical power; and
wherein a temperature of the secondary induction coil is controlled by adjusting a voltage or a frequency of a signal applied to the primary induction coil.