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Pedestrian protection apparatus and method
Byung Hyuk Park, Yongin-si (KR)
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1. A pedestrian protection apparatus comprising:
an image capturing device configured to capture a far infrared (FIR) image of an object in front of a vehicle;
a sensor disposed at a bumper of the vehicle and configured to sense a change to an acceleration of the vehicle and a change to a pressure of the bumper caused by a collision between the vehicle and the object located in front of the vehicle;
a protection device configured to protect a pedestrian colliding with the vehicle; and
a controller configured to:
determine, based on the captured FIR image of the object, whether or not the object is a pedestrian candidate;
after determining that the object is the pedestrian candidate, determine, based on the sensed change to at least one of the acceleration of the vehicle and the sensed change to the pressure of the bumper, whether or not the pedestrian candidate is a pedestrian; and
after determining that the pedestrian candidate is the pedestrian, control the protection device to protect the pedestrian.