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Airbag apparatus of vehicle
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1. An airbag apparatus of a vehicle, the airbag apparatus comprising:
an airbag cushion provided at an indoor roof and being configured to be unfolded along the roof and to cover the roof;
a plurality of inflators connected to the airbag cushion and being configured to supply gas into the airbag cushion, each inflator configured to be individually operated;
a controller being configured to receive information about an occupant, determine operation of each of the inflators in response to whether a vehicle collision occurs, and determine a number of operated inflators in an event of a vehicle collision;
guide wires respectively provided at opposite portions of the roof, and extending along the roof, and being slidingly connected to opposite ends of the airbag cushion to guide unfolding of the airbag cushion, each of the guide wires being configured to be deformed in response to contraction of the airbag cushion or weight of the occupant; and
guide holders respectively connected to ends of the guide wires and being configured to apply tension to the guide wires to compensate deformation of the guide wires.