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Side mounting seat of PAB chute with improved weldability and method of manufacturing PAB chute
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1. A side mounting seat, on which a bracket of a passenger airbag (PAB) module including a PAB is mounted, of a PAB chute which is vibration-welded to a crash pad panel by a vibration pressing welding jig, the side mounting seat comprising:
a doghouse having a hollow space between a lower portion of the side mounting seat and a base surface of the PAB chute and including an opening at one side of the doghouse; and
a direct pressing target surface extending at a right angle on a closed wall disposed at an opposite side of the opening of the doghouse, and located at a position higher than the base surface of the PAB chute, such that the direct pressing target surface is directly pressed by the vibration pressing welding jig when the PAB chute is vibration-welded to the crash pad panel.