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Adjustment device for a vehicle light emitting module
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13. An adjustment device of a vehicle's light emitting module configured to adjust aiming of an illumination angle, the adjustment device comprising
a rotatable light emitter bracket mounted on a translation member configured to support a light emitter; the translation member provided with a single screw rod; a support member configured to guide the translation member by means of an adjustment conversion structure, wherein the adjustment conversion structure includes an adjustment gear member and the gear sheath member and said screw rod;
the gear sheath member including a head and an elastic clip that is split apart through an end of the elastic clip;
a longitudinal axis of the adjustment gear member set orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the gear sheath member in the installed position;
the adjustment gear member inserted into an opening of a housing and configured to directly engage the gear sheath member that traverses the through hole of the support member;
the elastic clip configured to elastically deform and secure the gear sheath member with insertion of the gear sheath member through a through hole of the support member; and
wherein the adjustment conversion structure is configured to convert a movement of said adjustment gear member into a movement of the translation member thereby causing rotation of the rotatable light emitter bracket.