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Vehicle seating assembly having lower leg support and suspension assembly
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1. A vehicle seating assembly, comprising:
a seat having a first end and a second end, the first and second ends being opposite to one another;
a lower leg support coupled to the seat at the second end, the lower leg support being movable relative to the seat between a retracted position and an extended position; and
a suspension assembly coupled to the lower leg support, the suspension assembly comprising a first end, a second end, and an intermediate portion positioned between the first and second ends, wherein the first end of the suspension assembly is coupled to a portion of the seat that is rearward of the second end of the seat, wherein the second end of the suspension assembly is coupled proximate to a distal end of the lower leg support, wherein the suspension assembly further comprises a first thickness and a second thickness, with the first thickness and the second thickness being arranged in an alternating pattern, and wherein a distance between an interior surface of the intermediate portion and an adjacent surface of each of the seat and the lower leg support varies as a function of a position of the lower leg support.