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Trim cover assembly with bezel support
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1. A seat assembly comprising:
a seat cushion having an external surface and defining a recess therein, the recess being open to the external surface and being sized to receive one or more bezel components;
a trim cover assembly disposed over the seat cushion, the trim cover assembly including
a trim cover having an A-side as an occupant surface and a B-side, opposite the A-side, facing the external surface of the seat cushion, with the trim cover defining a cover opening therethrough generally corresponding to the recess in the seat cushion, and having a plurality of flaps spaced about the cover opening, each flap having an inner portion towards the cover opening and an outer portion opposite the inner portion;
a bezel support member having an A-surface contacting the B-side of the trim cover, and a B-surface opposite the A-surface, the bezel support member having an inner periphery defining a support opening corresponding to the cover opening, and an outer periphery, where the flaps of the trim cover are folded through the support opening and secured to at least a portion of the bezel support member or to the trim cover to support the cover opening; and
a bezel disposed in the recess and having a peripheral edge supported on the A-surface on the bezel support member.