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Vehicle seat
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1. A vehicle seat, comprising:
a base member supported by a vehicle body;
a frame movable relative to the base member;
a link mechanism that supports the frame to be movable relative to the base member;
a drive mechanism that drives the frame; and
a torsion bar that, to urge the frame to a predetermined direction, extends between left and right side portions of the frame and has lateral first and second ends respectively joined to a first portion and a second portion that rotate relative to each other,
wherein the torsion bar includes a shaft portion extending in a lateral direction,
the first portion supports the first end of the torsion bar and supports a part of the shaft portion of the torsion bar adjacent to the second end via a position holding member for suppressing displacement of the torsion bar,
one of the frame and the link mechanism includes a connection member that is rotatable relative to the other,
the connection member constitutes the first portion,
the position holding member is received, in part, in the connection member,
one or more protrusions are provided on an outer circumferential surface of the position holding member.