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Vehicle with rotating driver's cab
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1. Vehicle comprising a driver's cab comprising a base and a seat, the vehicle having a longitudinal direction,
the base having a center and a central longitudinal plane, the central longitudinal plane extending in the longitudinal direction and passing through the center of the base,
the projection of the seat in an elevation direction on the base being comprised in the base;
an assembly comprising the base and the seat being designed to rotate relative to a body of the vehicle about a first axis, the first axis extending in an elevation direction,
the first axis passing through the center of the base,
wherein the cab has at least two driving configurations, the assembly being rotated between the driving configurations of the cab, the seat having a median plane, the median plane of the seat being parallel to the central longitudinal plane and spaced apart at a distance greater than 0.75 m in each of the driving configurations of the cab.