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Method for operating a charging station, for a motor vehicle, and corresponding charging station
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1. A method for operating a charging station for a motor vehicle having an electric energy store, comprising:
monitoring a parking area of the charging station using a monitoring device which operates independently of the charging station,
determining an availability status of the parking area,
transmitting the availability status to a control center via a communication connection, and
providing, by the control center, the availability status to the motor vehicle when requested by the motor vehicle,
wherein the charging station comprises an energy supply device for supplying electric energy to the electric energy store during a charging process,
wherein a preliminary parking time, describing a time period before the charging process is started but after the motor vehicle is parked in the parking area, is determined based on the availability status,
wherein a parking violation notice is sent to the motor vehicle and/or an operator of the motor vehicle when the preliminary parking time exceeds a preliminary parking threshold, and
wherein the preliminary parking threshold is shortened in response to a notification regarding an incoming motor vehicle which differs from the motor vehicle.