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Vehicle charge port
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1. A vehicle charge port assembly comprising:
a housing including a front side defining a port configured to couple to a charge-station coupler, a back side, and a plurality of terminal receptacles extending from the port to the back side;
a plurality of terminal assemblies received in the terminal receptacles, each of the terminal assemblies including a pin having a tip portion configured to electrically connect to the coupler, a base portion, a busbar connected to the base portion and extending out of the back side, and a seal encircling the pin and sealingly disposed within the terminal receptacles;
a back cover attached to the back side of the housing and including a connector base defining an opening and interior that receives the busbars therein; and
a connector plug configured to connect to the connector base, the plug including a plurality of receptacles extendable into the interior and configured to receive the busbars therein, wires that are each joined to one of the receptacles, a plurality of seals each defining a single hole that receives only one of the wires therethrough, and a plurality of seal covers that each secure an associated one of the seals within the plug;
a circuit board; and
a plurality of second terminal assemblies received in the terminal receptacles and each including a pin having a tip portion configured to electrically connect to the charge station and a base portion connected to the circuit board, wherein the circuit board includes a plurality of prongs electrically connected to the second terminal assemblies, and the back cover further includes a second connector base that receives the prongs therein.