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Electric lawnmower with coil for wireless charging and discharging of battery pack
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1. An electric lawnmower, comprising:
a travel motor that drives wheels;
a work motor that drives a mowing blade disc that is provided with a mowing blade for mowing grass;
a power receiving coil for extracting power;
a work machine side control circuit that controls the travel motor and the work motor to perform an autonomous travel and a mowing operation of the electric lawnmower, respectively, whereby power extracted by the power receiving coil is supplied to the travel motor and the work motor under control of the work machine side control circuit; and
a battery pack that includes a battery and a power transferring/receiving coil, wherein the battery is charged by power supplied, by wireless power supply, from an external charger, and the power transferring/receiving coil is magnetically coupled with the power receiving coil and wirelessly supplies power of the battery to the power receiving coil, and
wherein the travel motor, the work motor, the power receiving coil, the work machine side control circuit, and the battery pack are housed within a housing.