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Repowering system for vehicles and vessels
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1. A system for retaining a plurality of compressed gas cannisters for fueling a vehicle, the system comprising:
a base which includes: a plate including a distal end and a proximal end; a locking wedge at the distal end of the plate, the locking wedge defining an obtuse angle; and a mounting pad proximate to the proximal end;
a cassette which includes: a top; a first side; a second side; a front; a back; and a bottom to define an interior, the interior for housing a plurality of compressed gas cannisters; at least one fork pocket mounted on a position selected from the group consisting of: the top, the bottom and the back; a plurality of gas cannister apertures extending between the interior and an ambient environment, wherein the bottom comprises a lip which extends outward beyond the front, and a bracket, which is on an upper surface of the bottom proximate to the back, and releasably engages with the mounting pad to form a pivot mount.