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Glazing comprising a clipping profiled bead for a clip-on cover piece
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1. A glazing comprising a laminated window comprising an exterior layer of glass, an interior layer of glass and a plastic material interlayer situated between said interior and exterior layers of glass, said laminated window having an exterior face, an edge surface and an interior face, said laminated window including, along at least one part of at least one longitudinal edge, a profiled bead including a groove for clipping a cover piece to said profiled bead, said cover piece including, seen in cross section, a harpoon penetrating into said groove during clipping,
wherein, when said harpoon is situated in said groove, said cover piece further includes, farther toward the exterior than said harpoon and outside of said groove, a base situated facing and at a distance from at least one part of said edge surface of the laminated window such that, seen in cross-section, the base is located below the exterior face of the laminated window and an empty space extends from a side of the base to said at least one part of the edge surface of the laminated window, and, farther toward the exterior than said base, a flexible exterior covering, made of a material different from that of said harpoon, situated facing at least one part of said edge surface of the laminated window and having a Shore A hardness between 45 and 90 inclusive.