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Panel and open roof construction provided therewith
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1. A panel for use in an open roof construction for a vehicle, comprising:
a substantially rectangular panel main body made of transparent material and having four edges, and at least one elongated reinforcing bracket positioned at least partly in a vicinity of at least one of the four edges of said panel main body and firmly connected thereto, said reinforcing bracket being made of a material which is thinner than that of the transparent material of the panel main body and including a structure to fix the reinforcing bracket to an operating mechanism configured to support the panel and control movements thereof; and
wherein said at least one of the four edges of the panel main body comprises at least an inward recess which is spaced from at least one of two adjacent edges of the panel main body, and the reinforcing bracket comprises at least an upward step into the recess, said upward step extending along at least a portion of the recess and being dimensioned to accommodate a part of the operating mechanism under it.