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Tyre monitoring device and method
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1. A tire monitoring device configured to be mounted on a wheel and comprising:
a pressure sensor configured to sense an inflation pressure of a tire on the wheel;
a wireless communication interface configured to receive data indicative of a command to indicate tire pressure;
a non-transitory storage configured to store a predetermined pressure value;
an indicator configured to provide a first indication and a second indication, wherein the first indication is different from the second indication; and
a processing system configured to operate the indicator to provide the first indication or the second indication responsive to receipt of the command to indicate tire pressure, and based at least in part on the inflation pressure and the predetermined pressure value,
wherein the wireless communication interface is configured to communicate with at least one other tire monitoring device, and
wherein the wireless communication interface is configured to communicate with:
the at least one other tire monitoring device over a first network; and
a control device over a second network;
wherein the first network and the second network are separate.