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Steering pivot pin forming an internal pneumatic passage
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1. An assembly comprising a hydraulic apparatus which comprises a rotor and a stator, the rotor being rotatably mounted relative to the stator along a second axis of rotation, and being secured to a spindle for mounting of a vehicle wheel,
pivot element configured for mounting on an axle, and movable in rotation relative to the hydraulic apparatus along a first axis of rotation, the stator being rotatably mounted relative to the axle along the first axis of rotation,
wherein an air chamber is formed between the pivot element and the hydraulic apparatus, said air chamber being connected to a distribution conduit arranged in the hydraulic apparatus, and to an axle conduit arranged in the pivot element, so as to form a pneumatic conduit between the pivot element and the hydraulic apparatus, in order to allow air to be conveyed for the inflation/deflation of a tire.