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Spoke wheel
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1. A spoke wheel comprising:
a rim;
a hub; and
a plurality of spokes connecting the rim with the hub, wherein
the hub has an axle hole, through which an axle of a vehicle is passed when in use,
the rim includes a bottom wall portion and a flange portion, the bottom wall portion has a circular ring shape surrounding the hub from a periphery of the hub along the axle, the flange portion rises to an outside in a radial direction of the rim from a lateral edge in a width direction of the bottom wall portion, the width direction is a direction along the axle,
the spokes each having an end portion connected with a connection portion disposed at a lateral surface portion of the flange portion disposed on an outside of the flange portion in the width direction,
the lateral surface portion of the flange portion inclines such that the lateral surface portion is disposed further outside in the width direction toward the outside in the radial direction of the rim,
the connection portion is positioned outside in the width direction with respect to a lateral wall portion, in the width direction, of a tire in a state in which the tire is supported by the spoke wheel, and
the rim includes a raised portion, on the lateral surface portion of the flange portion, that is raised from the connection portion to the outside in the width direction.