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Polymer-metal sandwich structure having in situ-formed flame retardant and method of manufacturing the same
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1. A polymer-metal sandwich structure, comprising:
a first layer made of a polymer and having a first bonding surface, wherein an electron donor additive is dispersed within a first bonding volume of the first layer extending from the first bonding surface to a first depth into the first layer, wherein the electron donor additive contains or is configured to liberate anions of a first ion type;
a second layer made of a metal and having a second bonding surface, wherein the second layer contains or is configured to liberate cations of a second ion type at the second bonding surface; and
a third layer sandwiched between and formed with the first and second bonding surfaces, wherein the third layer is made of a flame retardant formed of the polymer from the first layer, the anions of the first ion type, the metal from the second layer, and the cations of the second ion type, the third layer having a third surface in contact with the first layer and a fourth surface in contact with the second layer.