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Handheld hydraulic-powered concrete-cutting handsaw
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1. A handheld hydraulic-powered concrete-cutting handsaw, comprising:
a generally flat and horizontal base;
a blade guard carried by and extending upward from and generally perpendicularly to the base;
a hydraulic blade motor arranged above the base;
a sawblade drivingly engaged for rotation by the blade motor, a top portion of the sawblade covered by the blade guard and a bottom portion of the sawblade protruding downwardly from the blade guard and the base;
a rear handle arranged above the base, and above and rearward of the blade motor;
a front handle arranged above the base, and forward of the blade motor and the rear handle;
a hydraulic control valve arranged above the base, the hydraulic control valve comprising a valve plunger assembly including a compressible and expandable valve plunger, the hydraulic control valve configured to regulate a flow of hydraulic fluid to the blade motor responsively to an adjustable compression of the valve plunger; and
a speed control valve trigger comprising a first trigger portion and a second trigger portion jointly rotatable relative to the rear handle about a trigger rotation axis, wherein the first trigger portion is arranged adjacent to and below the rear handle and configured to enable a manual upward rotation of the first trigger portion about the trigger rotation axis by a hand grasping the rear handle, and the second trigger portion is configured to rotate downward about the trigger rotation axis and adjustably push against a free end of the valve plunger and thereby adjustably compress the valve plunger responsively to said manual upward rotation of the first trigger portion.