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Rectangular outlet honeycomb structures, particulate filters, extrusion dies, and method of manufacture thereof
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1. A particulate filter comprising: a honeycomb structure comprising a matrix of intersecting porous cell walls extending in an axial direction between an inlet end and an outlet end of the honeycomb structure, the matrix defining a plurality of inlet cells and outlet cells, and corresponding inlet channels and outlet channels defined by respective inlet cells and respective outlet cells, wherein at least a portion of the outlet channels are larger in cross-sectional area than any of the inlet channels, and at least some of the outlet channels comprise a rectangular shape in cross-section, wherein either (a) some of the outlet channels have cross-sectional area greater than or equal to twice the cross-sectional area of an inlet channel, or (b) the rectangular shape comprises an outlet length Lo that is more than twice an inlet length Li across an inlet channel in a plane perpendicular to the axial direction;
wherein there are 3 or more times as many inlet channels as outlet channels.