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Tape sectioning system and method of sectioning tape
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1. A tape sectioning system, comprising a tape supply comprising a roll of fiber reinforced tape, the tape of the roll of fiber reinforced tape being an anisotropic unidirectional tape comprising a planar layer of parallel, longitudinally extending continuous fibers in a matrix material, the tape sectioning system further comprising a tape web feed path feeding the web of fiber reinforced tape from the roll of fiber reinforced tape, a quality inspection system arranged along the web feed path that inspects the quality of the web of tape, and a sectioner that sections off longitudinal tape sections from the web of tape, wherein the sectioner is arranged to vary the length of the tape sections that are sectioned off from the web of tape based on the outcome of the quality inspection system, wherein the quality inspection system is arranged to inspect an entire width of both sides of the web of fiber reinforced tape.