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Shaving apparatus
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1. A shaving apparatus comprising:
a cylindrical screen comprising an outer surface, an inner surface defining a cavity, and a plurality of openings, the screen being rotatable about a rotational axis;
a cutting component comprising one or more cutting blades located within the cavity of the cylindrical screen, the cutting blades configured to cut hairs that pass through the openings in the cylindrical screen;
wherein upon placing the outer surface of the cylindrical screen into surface contact with a skin surface and moving the shaving apparatus along the skin surface, the cylindrical screen is rotatable about the rotational axis; and
a brake sub-system configured to reduce a rotational velocity of the cylindrical screen about the rotational axis as the shaving apparatus is moved along the skin surface,
wherein the brake sub-system is intermittently switchable between at least two states:
in a first state the cylindrical screen rotates freely about the rotational axis such that there is essentially no dragging between the cylindrical screen and the skin surface, thereby shaving of upright hairs is facilitated, and
in a second state the cylindrical screen rotates about the rotational axis at a controlled reduced rotational velocity as a user moves the apparatus across the skin surface, such that the cylindrical screen is at least partially dragged across the skin surface, thereby shaving of hairs lying essentially flat on the skin surface is facilitated by the one or more cutting blades.