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Optimization-based spring lattice deformation model for soft materials
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9. A system, comprising:
a robotic picking arm having a suction device adapted for retrieving items and transporting the items to a determined location;
one or more computer processors; and
control logic for the robotic picking arm that, when executed by operation of the one or more computer processors, performs an operation, comprising:
determining a candidate contact point for holding an item using a suction device of a robotic picking arm;
predicting a deformed shape of the suction device when in contact with the item at the candidate contact point;
determining a seal quality metric for the candidate contact point, based at least in part on the deformed shape of the suction device; and
upon determining that the seal quality metric satisfies a predetermined condition, controlling movement of the robotic picking arm to retrieve the item by holding the item using the suction device at the candidate contact point.