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Automated construction robot systems and methods
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1. An automated construction robot system comprising:
a mobile base assembly configured to be displaceable within a work area;
a head assembly configured to process a work surface;
an arm assembly configured to moveably-couple the head assembly and the mobile base assembly and controllably-displace the head assembly with respect to the work surface;
a machine vision system configured to scan a target area and generate target area information; and
a computational system configured to:
process the target area information to identify a surface defect, wherein the identified surface defect includes one or more of:
a hole within the work surface;
a protruding screw within the work surface; and
a protruding nail within the work surface,
generate one or more remedial instructions to correct the surface defect identified, and
manipulate one or more of the mobile base assembly, the head assembly and the arm assembly based, at least in part, upon the one or more remedial instructions.